What’s more influential: Christianity or worship of money?

The iThink application on facebook brings up interesting debates. Here’s one point someone was trying to make:

The most influential religion in the world today isn’t Judaism, Christianity, or Islam ‚Äì it is the worship of money.

I disagreed. Here’s my reasoning:

To say money has more influence is to say that it has more power. Nothing is more powerful than God. There is more grace than sin.

Romans 5: 20-21 – The law was added so that the trespass might increase. But where sin increased, grace increased all the more.

What do you think?

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Andre Alforque
14 years ago

Apples and oranges in my book.

14 years ago

God isn’t the same as religion. God is bigger than religion! I am not sure how to measure whether more people set their hearts and attentions and values on money (including the things they want to buy with the money? Think how people talk so much about their cell phone plans , and real estate!) than on the specific religions listed.

14 years ago

Organized religion is all about the collection of money. Be devout and pay your due. Believing in god and belonging to a religion are two totally different things.

14 years ago

It’s not the power of God that’s in question. It is actually how people perceive it to be. So in a way, people really do “worship” money with the way people are acting now.

14 years ago

Very nice quote! but quite difficult to discuss.

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