why is it cooler up on a mountain?

While I’m in Colorado right now, here’s a little moutain trivia. It gets 5∆ícelsius colder for every 1000 feet you go up (called the lapse rate). Actually we don’t directly get warm by the suns rays. The earth absorbs the sun rays, and the heat comes from the earth. The winds up on a mountain mixes the colder temperatures in more. That’s why it’s so cold in outer space. Even though you may be closer to the sun, there’s nothing to absorb that heat and keep it in.

It’s like God is saying, “see, I made this one wonderfully balanced place for you to live.”

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Tom Saaristo
19 years ago

What are you doing in CO?

19 years ago

so how can Superman freeze things with his breath and melt things with his eyesballs?

Tom Saaristo
19 years ago

Oh! You were on VACATION!! Sweet!

19 years ago

Colorado is neat…where did you go for snowboarding? I went to Copper Mtn yesterday.

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