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Distractions: Dodgeball strategies, secrets and tips: Part 6 of 7

Taking your opponents attention away from the game is a great way to strike when they aren’t looking. Here’s a couple ways to do that.

  • Have someone on your team do a cartwheel, and then totally peg ’em.
  • Do a sychronized jump all at once to baffle your opponents for a second, and then nail ’em. If anything, they will laugh very hard and make this game fun. It’s easy to get too serious about it. Doing a little dance every now and then reminds you that it’s just a game.

This is a part six of a seven-part series every Wednesday of Dodgeball strategies covering:
1) Pre-Game
2) Equipment
3) Throwing Techniques
4) Attack Strategies during the Game
5) Ball Control
6) Distractions
7) Catching

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these are very funny and cool to try…maybe i will try them this year at the dodgeball tournament in schaumburg…wat are the prizes for those anyways???


Hey. We just started dodgeball league here. We played 6 games and won one! lol. These secrets and tips will definitley help me in future playings. Thanks.

John "Scaramanga" Raleigh
John "Scaramanga" Raleigh
These tips are a joke! I’ve played in a dodgeball league for two years now. Anyone decides to become a gymnast and do a cartwheel they aren’t a distraction. They’re easy prey!!! You don’t gain anything from that. For all you rookies here is a championship tip: -Keep the balls to the outside and opposite. For example, if you have three balls, keep two on the left and one on the far right. The far right is the sniper, once the two on the left throw the right side should “cover” those people. Guarenteed you will catch someone napping or… Read more »
John "Scaramanga" Raleigh
John "Scaramanga" Raleigh

That makes sense. I understand the cartwheel was a joke. I was just excited to see a site as in to dodgeball as I am. Got a little carried away. Another tip I want to throw out and tell me what you think: Our rules allow blocking with the ball. I think the most effective intimidation whether you have an arm or not is knocking the ball away and then charging the line. One, your opponent is closest to you and two, they are usually backpedaling and not thinking as quick. A good low throw should nail them


well i want to thank you for all your tips. six of my friends and I are in a dodgeball tourney on dec. 19 and we are pumped. we are all pretty good but now we will have the edge. The winner of this will compete against the statewide best. then i believe after that at a national tourney. wish us luck =D.


thanks for the tips! i found out that i was great when trying to beat the best team, but we lost against the now 2nd best team, finland. sorta dissapointing, but i’m hoping to beat mexico and tanzania! i know both of their weaknesses.


very good tips, I’d try them sometime.


Another great distraction strategy is to pretend you’re holding a ball behind your back when your teammate and opponent both have balls. When your opponent gets ready to throw, fake your throw while your teammate throws. Usually this technique distracts your opponent for a split second and gives your teammate a better chance for success.


my name josh to

.... Miller

hehe i might do a cartweel… well maybe not those go to slow maybe one with no hand or a backhandspring or a back flip full twist … those are a lot faster if you can do them plus i’m playing for a make a wish foundation to raise $$ at school… hehehe sorry forgot to mention I am a gymnast. Well i will let you know how it turn out!