Fun in the snow: How to make a slushie rainbow

A slushie rainbow

Stuck waiting while standing in slushy snow? Now you can pass the time creating rainbows! Just take either your left or right shoe (either will work fine), and stand that one foot on the edge of the sole, so your foot is not completely flat on the ground. Then slide your foot in an arc pattern on the ground. Be amazed as you turn dark icky slush into a glorious rainbow!
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14 years ago

Creating rainbows in the snow is a wonderful idea to pass the time while waiting for something or someone. Another way to enjoy the snow.

14 years ago

A new innovation to the snow angel, without having to get your whole body cold and wet! Put tints on each line that your shoe makes to make an even more colorful rainbow.

14 years ago

What a great idea! I love snow walking on it with my love ones and we create rainbow together. It s so fun

14 years ago

Trib headline: Monochromatic Rainbows Invade the City of Chicago

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