Fun in the snow: Leave snowballs at famous places

Snowballs on Tribune Tower

Too embarrassed to throw a snowball at some famous buildings or artwork? It’s almost just as much fun to make snowballs and just leave them at a landmark or building. Oh wait a minute! This is kinda like making a snowman–only smaller and easier. Oh wait! You could stack three snowballs on top of each other and make a mini-snowman. Oh yeah. That would be cool. Mini snowmen all over the city.
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Tom Saaristo
14 years ago

I love the idea of putting little snowmen all over the city. When I was living at home, I took advantage of a huge snowfall one February and filled the back deck with an army of little snowmen. I cleared the deck and used the snow to create what seemed like hundreds of the little guys. My parents were quite impressed until my brother decided he could defeat the army. And he did.

14 years ago

the best thing about this is that it’s free. I was trying to think of other things that you could leave about town, but it ends up hitting your wallet. Snowballs are great cuz they’re free and they don’t litter the environment cuz they melt.

14 years ago

This is a better idea than throwing snowballs at famous landmarks. Leaving them there, it’s like paying your respects for what the landmark symbolizes. It’s just in the form of snow instead of flowers.

14 years ago

That is so cute! I want to try that. probably put it all around the Empire State Building or something. Every one join! This should be a project for everyone right before winter ends.

14 years ago

What a good idea! Before winter ends, at least I ll enjoy making snowmen all over the famous city, instead of seeing melting them anywhere.

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