Snow protestors

Then at like 4:00pm yesterday, there a bunch of protestors outside the Tribune building. Once or twice a month, we get protestors outside protesting one thing or another. I work up on the 14th floor facing the Pioneer court where they hold the protests. So we can look out our windows at them. Even drop water balloons on them! Uh, okay, maybe we don’t drop water balloons on ’em. But I’m soooo tempted to do so. But from up here they look like ants and you can never tell what they are protesting. So I told my co-workers that they were protesting the snow. hehe.

I went outside to take pictures of these snow protestors. They were carrying these red, green, and black flags. I couldn’t figure out why they would choose those colors to protest snow. I would go with all black flags… to be the opposite of snow (hehe). Plus, if you carry all white flags, it would like you are giving up. Y’know carry the white flag thingy in the cartoons to surrender?

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amy beth
20 years ago

Maybe they were Jamaicans protesting the snow itself?

20 years ago

with all this talk of snow, i’ll have to admit i’m a little lost. i mean, it was 70 today and we thought that was cold. brrrr! … *ducks and runs rapidly*

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