Illustration of Curt Schilling’s Bloody Sock in the Hall of Fame (Boston Red Sox)

Amazing that Curt Shilling’s blood-stained sock is now in the hall of fame. It’s a testament to this pitcher’s courage. Here’s some tshirts being sold about it: The Real Red Sock

ï Red Sox red sock enters Hall of Fame: UK Reuters

√Ø Schilling’s Bloody Sock Enshrined at Hall: AP

√Ø Schilling’s famous sock heads to Hall of Fame: USA Today

ï Put a sock in it: Washington Post

ï Hall enshrines Schillingís bloody sock: MSNBC

ï Hall of Fame gets a real red sock: Capital News 9

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Tom Saaristo
16 years ago

Hey! We could make a sock monkey out of that!

ken bjork
16 years ago

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16 years ago

i want a dna test done on schilling’s sock. I’m so sure that it’s actually his blood.

16 years ago

You’re all fools if you think it’s blood on that sock. Its a myth. The red substance is actually iodine applied to his sutures before being wrapped.

14 years ago

to those who think it was fake- you can go to hell. schilling does’t need this. you’re jerks. he mightn ot be a hero but as a baseball fan and lover of the sox, i am damned proud of him. most guys would have just sat out and had someone else play. but he wanted to play and he did his job well. that’s all that matters.

ryan h
ryan h
10 years ago

every one was jelous just cause we won the world series you go sox just cause the sock dosent mean we suck we kicked your ass dont bitch about it

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