Most read posts made in 2007

The number in parenthesis is the number of hits the post got in 2007.

  1. Project Playlist (13,309)

    This is a weird post to be the most read. It must have caught on at google or something.

  2. Rising cost of U.S. Postage Stamps (12,926)

    Now this is a bona fide quality top ten post.

  3. Transformers Monopoly board game: collector’s edition (3,603)

    Transformers ruled in 2007.

  4. Fred Claus movie now filming in Chicago (2,765)

    Film sightings are always good news.

  5. IDEA: cool tissue box covers (2,556)

    Everyone loves a good tissue box cover.

  6. Top 20 Chicago blogs by individual authors (2,404)

    It’s fun to create hype as to who the top Chicago bloggers are.

  7. IDEA: Sears Tower plush robot (2,347)

    Now this is innovation.

  8. A wallet full of only two-dollar bills (2,224)

    One of my most fun stories of the year.

  9. Six fun reasons to wear a scarf over your face (2,175)

    Scarves are seriously underused in a frigid city like Chicago.

  10. Movie Compatibility Test (2,110)

    This is one of the most fun apps on Facebook. It’s a must for any facebooker.

  11. Now just because these are the most-read blog posts of 2007, that doesn’t make them the best. Next week I will post my personal favorites from 2007.

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16 years ago

I vote for: 8. A wallet full of only two-dollar bills. Though personally, I like number 7. (Sears Tower) cuz i added the Flickr note boxes. But number 8 is still my favorite.

Tom Saaristo
16 years ago

#9 was from 2007? Wow, I thought it was older than that. #8 is also my favorite from this list.

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