Most-read posts made in 2008

The number in parenthesis is the number of hits the post got in 2008.

  1. Top 250 words spoken at presidential candidate debates (7,634)
    A timely post. Fun graphic. Caught fire on flickr. (there were four images, they each got 5441; 6366; 4292; and 560 views. I can see why this is #1 for 2008.
  2. Pur water dispeners are better than Brita (3,079)
    I hope this post cleared the water on water dispensers.
  3. Cheapest Digital TV Converters: $49.87 and $59.99 (3,013)
    A helpful post, unfortunately most of the products listed aren’t available anymore.
  4. Highest scoring word on Scrabble: SINGHIOZZEREBBE, 2118 points (2,971)
    Oh Scrabulous, how we miss thee.
  5. Average cost of gas for apartments (2,777)
    Wow. Illinois is pretty cheap.
  6. Parking Meter Talk (2,508)
    Nice to see some of my artwork make it onto the top 10.
  7. Most popular baby names: Aiden, Jayden, Hayden, Brayden, Jaden (2,294)
    Must be all the Aidens of the world reading this post. It’s like an army.
  8. Call to God: Prayers on sticky notes, left on public pay phones (2,250)
    Another art post in the top 10! I need to make more art posts. 🙂
  9. How healthy is Dove dark chocolate? (2,231)
    The mystery flavonoid count lingers on.
  10. The standard comeback when called a dork isn’t on Google: Dynamite Out of sight Radical Kid (1,664)
    Another unsolved mystery: the origin of the acronym D.O.R.K.

And if you are curious, you can also read the most-read posts made in 2007, and my six favorite spudart posts in 2007. (Soon I’ll be making my fav picks of 2008).

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15 years ago

your presidential debate graphic is pure gold. Your top ten list makes sense. I can see how many people found these posts interesting and useful. I’m happy to see that your dynamite outta-sight radical kid post made it to the top ten.

Tom Saaristo
Tom Saaristo
15 years ago

I totally thieved this idea from you and Erik


[…] Many thanks to Matt of spudart for pulling the data and giving me the idea for this post. Check out his top ten most-read posts in 2008. […]

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