Pantone’s color palette predictions for the 2007 Home

Pantone, Inc., the global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industries, unveiled PANTONEView Home 2007, the eight most directional color palettes for the home furnishings market for 2007. Here’s one of the eight palettes:

2007 Pantone Home 1: Simply Elegant
The first palette, Simply Elegant, is a prime example of the marriage of tradition and modern day, the continuing eclectic approach where new technologies, especially in fabrication, finishes and styling, adeptly enable (and encourage) the use of unexpected mixes and textures. Color treatments are equally unique in beautiful blends of mahogany silvered mink, silvery blues, elegant purples and deep bronzed tones set off by the glint of pale gold, frosty almond and copper.
Download this set as Illustrator Swatches.
Copper#AD6C50rgb(173, 108, 80)PANTONE 16-1325
Frosted Almond#CCB89Frgb(204, 184, 159)PANTONE 13-1012
Pale Gold#B78C5Frgb(183, 140, 95)PANTONE 15-0927
Antelope#AC915Crgb(172, 145, 92)PANTONE 16-1126
Purple Passion#6D4568rgb(109, 69, 104)PANTONE 19-3223
Silver Blue#86989Argb(134, 152, 154)PANTONE 16-4706
Silver Mink#998A77rgb(153, 138, 119)PANTONE 17-1312
Mahogany#543C3Argb(84, 60, 58)PANTONE 19-1420

To view all eight palettes, click on the comments below:

2007 Pantone Home 2: Classic Chic*
Classic Chic invokes both neo-classic and newly classic – the always in style, tasteful tones and timeless lines that promise lasting value. Gray provides a real presence in both light and deeper tones, while the sister shade of silver and a lustrous champagne add a glamorous sparkle. A mineralized yellow and a sensuous red bring a ripple of excitement to cappuccino brown. A classic palette would not be complete without the ubiquitous yang and yen of black and white, often used with the cappuccino colors.
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Mineral Yellow#D59E3Argb(213, 158, 58)PANTONE 15-1046
Storm Gray#C81D30rgb(200, 29, 48)PANTONE 15-4003
High Risk Red#858489rgb(133, 132, 137)PANTONE 18-1763
Frost Gray#B4BAB6rgb(180, 186, 182)PANTONE 17-0000
Silver#999B9Argb(153, 155, 154)PANTONE 14-5002
Champagne Beige#B59B82rgb(181, 155, 130)PANTONE 14-1012
Cappuccino#66443Brgb(102, 68, 59)PANTONE 19-1220
Blanc de Blanc#EAEAE8rgb(234, 234, 232)PANTONE 11-4800
After Dark#352F2Frgb(53, 47, 47)PANTONE 19-1101
2007 Pantone Home 3: Lumens*
Luminous finishes, shiny or slightly de-lustered surfaces, and technically correct lighting (both dramatic and low key) all reflect the sleek simplicity of uncluttered lines interspersed with multi-faceted hues. Lumens includes the dazzling water-borne blues, jewel-like emerald or opaline greens, ultra violet, vibrant rose, metallic silver and the piercing clarity of bright white.
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Emerald#019875rgb(1, 152, 117)PANTONE 17-5641
Dazzling Blue#1B7CA9rgb(27, 124, 169)PANTONE 18-3949
Mediterrranean Blue#2E4DA7rgb(46, 77, 167)PANTONE 18-4334
Ultra Violet#665395rgb(102, 83, 149)PANTONE 18-3838
Opaline Green#A6C780rgb(166, 199, 128)PANTONE 14-0226
Green Sulphur#B18E32rgb(177, 142, 50)PANTONE 16-0742
Star White#EDEFECrgb(237, 239, 236)PANTONE 11-4202
Ibis Rose#C66090rgb(198, 96, 144)PANTONE 17-2520
Silver#999B9Argb(153, 155, 154)PANTONE 14-5002
2007 Pantone Home 4: Mélange*
Flavored by melon, apricot, strawberry and orange, Mélange is an assortment of tantalizing shades guaranteed to stimulate the visual appetite. In addition to the warm fruit flavors, and feeding the need for fresh, vital combinations, there is a toasty tan, a vibrant poppy red, a vivacious yellow, a balancing blue – all well grounded by a rustic khaki.
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Freesia#F8C325rgb(248, 195, 37)PANTONE 14-0852
Khaki#A18F5Frgb(161, 143, 95)PANTONE 16-0726
Jacaranda#8690CDrgb(134, 144, 205)PANTONE 17-3930
Melon#F88767rgb(248, 135, 103)PANTONE 16-1442
Sandstorm#BC8A65rgb(188, 138, 101)PANTONE 16-1235
Apricot#F3932Frgb(243, 147, 47)PANTONE 15-1153
Strawberry Pink#F77C91rgb(247, 124, 145)PANTONE 16-1731
Poppy Red#DC3843rgb(220, 56, 67)PANTONE 17-1664
Flame#F5512Crgb(245, 81, 44)PANTONE 17-1462
2007 Pantone Home 5: Aux Naturale*
Cleaning up, paring down, a lack of pretension and excessive ornamentation will continue to have great appeal for many. Aux Naturale spawns a variety of so-called organic colors, especially those that seem to have an unbleached quality. The most important shades are creamy whites, sandy beiges, essential tans, taupes, gray and mellow browns accented by subtly shaded roses, lily pad green and the ultimate color of integrity, a denim-like blue.
Download this set as Illustrator Swatches.
Lilly Pad#7D8F83rgb(125, 143, 131)PANTONE 16-5807
Coronet Blue#54718Frgb(84, 113, 143)PANTONE 18-3992
Lilas#BC8D9Frgb(188, 141, 159)PANTONE 16-1708
Ashes of Roses#B4ABACrgb(180, 171, 172)PANTONE 5-0703
White Sand#DDD8D4rgb(221, 216, 212)PANTONE 13-0002
Chipmunk#966E4Brgb(150, 110, 75)PANTONE 17-1044
Nougat#B99F86rgb(185, 159, 134)PANTONE 16-1320
Boulder#D2C09Argb(210, 192, 154)PANTONE 14-1110
Bleached Sand#DDCDB4rgb(221, 205, 180)PANTONE 13-1008
Papyrus#F2EFDCrgb(242, 239, 220)PANTONE 11-0107
2007 Pantone Home 6: Grass Roots*
Grass Roots looks to indigenous crafts and materials that bring a regional flavor to products or environments. Some of those regions might be far-flung while some are much closer to home. In reality, while some of the products may be mass produced, they look as if they are hand hewn, hand-loomed or individually crafted. Grass Roots starts with the variations on a green theme, moves on to mineral blue and various wood tones that are enhanced by unexpected mixes including grape, rose and terra cotta.
Download this set as Illustrator Swatches.
Desert Mist#E0B686rgb(224, 182, 134)PANTONE 14-1127
Terra Cotta#CE8076rgb(206, 128, 118)PANTONE 16-1526
Grape Nectar#8C6077rgb(140, 96, 119)PANTONE 18-1710
Mauevewood#AD5C6Drgb(173, 92, 109)PANTONE 17-1522
Mineral Blue#6B9291rgb(107, 146, 145)PANTONE 16-4712
Shadow Green#CFC482rgb(207, 196, 130)PANTONE 14-0627
Iguana#7F8257rgb(127, 130, 87)PANTONE 18-0525
Deep Taupe#705B56rgb(112, 91, 86)PANTONE 18-1312
Adobe Rose#B99C96rgb(185, 156, 150)PANTONE 16-1508
2007 Pantone Home 7: Fresh Air*
The dictionary defines something fresh as that which is “refreshingly different from what has been done previously.” Certainly the spontaneity of the stylized designs and finishes mixed into this palette is truly like a breath of “Fresh Air,” where woven twines may meet with metallic sheens and smooth resins are coupled with textured leathers. Color combinations are equally inventive, for example, green pesto, vibrant yellow and yellow-greens combining artfully with cyclamen pink, purples and violets, sky blues and snow whites.
Download this set as Illustrator Swatches.
Snow White#F0F1ECrgb(240, 241, 236)PANTONE 11-0602
Air Blue#7BB1CDrgb(123, 177, 205)PANTONE 15-4319
Chalk Violet#8B7AA6rgb(139, 122, 166)PANTONE 17-3615
Purple Potion#6D324Ergb(109, 50, 78)PANTONE 19-2430
Cyclamen#DB8AC4rgb(219, 138, 196)PANTONE 16-3118
Pesto#5A6338rgb(90, 99, 56)PANTONE 18-0228
Green Sheen#DFD24Frgb(223, 210, 79)PANTONE 13-0648
Mimosa#EEC050rgb(238, 192, 80)PANTONE 14-0848
2007 Pantone Home 8: A Light Touch*
A Light Touch suggests a soft impression – the deft use of softer colors that speak of quiet spaces in an increasingly noisy world. For many people, it is a comfort zone to return to again and again. The challenge is how to keep it looking up-to-date. Modernizing a pastel palette can be skillfully and easily done by re-inventing the colors and the color combinations. Take the classic pastels of foamy aquas and greens, pinks and lavenders, powdery blues, sun-tinged yellows and angora whites to the next level by infusing them with a touch of champagne, or by introducing the sophistication of a silvery gray or rosy taupe.
Download this set as Illustrator Swatches.
Skyway#ACC0D9rgb(172, 192, 217)PANTONE 14-4112
Golden Haze#FCDB96rgb(252, 219, 150)PANTONE 12-0826
Gray Moon#C7C1B5rgb(199, 193, 181)PANTONE 13-0403
Angora#E0D5BFrgb(224, 213, 191)PANTONE 12-0605
Candy Pink#F4B4C4rgb(244, 180, 196)PANTONE 14-1911
Bellini#F5C9AErgb(245, 201, 174)PANTONE 14-1114
Aqua Foam#AEC6B8rgb(174, 198, 184)PANTONE 14-5707
Sphinx#AB9796rgb(171, 151, 150)PANTONE 16-1703
Pink Lavendar#DBB2D2rgb(219, 178, 210)PANTONE 14-3207
Garden Glade#E1DBA9rgb(225, 219, 169)PANTONE 13-0614

PANTONEView Home 2007 is a forecasting tool that provides color and trend inspiration, enabling designers to select the right shades and combinations when creating products for the home, or matching and coordinating home interiors. PANTONEView Home 2007 contains 2″ x 2″ swatch cards of each of the 72 forecasted colors – along with visual inspiration and color harmonies for each of the individual palettes – in one convenient binder. CMYK printing equivalents are supplied to easily achieve the forecast colors in printed materials and packaging.

Each palette features a combination of colors from the PANTONE for fashion and home color system, the most widely used and recognized color standard in the world. Consisting of over 1,900 colors, the System makes it possible for designers, manufacturers, retailers and consumers to speak the same color language.

The most directional color palettes for 2007 are Simply Elegant, Classic Chic, Lumens, Mélange, Aux Naturale, Grass Roots, Fresh Air and Light Touch.

Pricing and Availability
PANTONEView Home 2007 is currently available on Pantone’s Web site,, for the manufacturer’s suggested retail price of U.S. $275. Corresponding PANTONE PLASTICS Chips are also available for industrial design and can be purchased with PANTONEView Home 2007 for a total package price of U.S. $400. The PANTONEView Home 2007 forecast kit containing the forecast plus the PANTONE for fashion and home color guide is available for U.S. $440.

This information is from, all colors here are not the exact pantone colors, as they have been sampled into RGB equivalents, please purchase the PANTONEVIEW Home 2007 for most accurate colors.

(You can view all my posts on color by clicking this link. )

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Tom Saaristo
18 years ago

I’m really not connecting with any of these. Does that mean I will? I’m not the biggest purple fan in the world, that’s for sure and most of these have some hue of purple. You’ve seen my place, you know what I’m about. Let’s check back in 5 years and see if I am in fact the trendsetter people have claimed me to be.

Diana Smothers
Diana Smothers
17 years ago

In your color pallet(2007 Pantone Home 2: Classic Chic*)the following are mixed up( Storm Gray #C81D30 rgb(200, 29, 48) PANTONE 15-4003 High Risk Red #858489 rgb(133, 132, 137) PANTONE 18-1763 )

17 years ago

Hey there! Thank you so much for having these available! I am doing a brochure and I thought that the Grass Roots theme would be great for it! Thanks Jeni

17 years ago

I found your site while researching a subject for a school assignment on why different parts of the world have different color pallets ? Am really impressed with the amount of information you have on your site. Australia is red earth ochre but why would red and gold be popular is asia or the rich jewel tones in Europe? Not much on the internet or in library books on the topic. Do you have any suggestions where I can read more on this subject.

16 years ago


16 years ago

i think this is a weird and messesd up website.i doesnt have what i was looking for in this website.

16 years ago

can you help me please I need to see these two colors ‘ no need for mixture I spend over $200.00 about 2 years ago on pms book that I do not see these two colors there 16-1632 orange and 14-0760 yellow thank you john

16 years ago

Consumers are now seeking an emotional connection with color. And now, more than ever, colors in most industries must be livable, versatile and have longevity. Consumers are making durable but versatile choices.

15 years ago

These are really nice color palletes, for those of us who have no clue how to match colors this can be really helpful. This gives me a great point of reference for when I go to remodel my home, as I would have no idea where to start as far as colors go. I’m sure I’ll have a decorator help me out, but this gives me a head-start for choosing the right look. Cheers!

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