pens with gray ink?

Why aren’t there any pens with gray ink? Because gray ink would look like the pen is running out of ink? Isn’t gray type easier to read than black?

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20 years ago

There’s a pen out there that uses blue-black ink. I looove it.

Tom Saaristo
20 years ago

There used to be [maybe there still is”> a line of pens out that included a grey-ink pen. I know there are still pens on the market that write in silver, gold, white, light blue, pink, … so there very well could be a pen that uses grey ink. I’m thinking you might find grey in the Le Pen line. On the higher end, I know Mont Blanc has some unique ink colors, but I’m not sure grey is one of them. It might take some looking, but I’ll bet you could find one.

12 years ago

A few weeks ago I found a ballpoint pen with a grey cap on it. The barrel Papermate M 80%, and it writes grey. So far no one seems able to tell me where it comes from, and none of the office supply places will admit to carrying this item. No one can tell me where it came from. I’d love to find more of them, and lighter grey if available.

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