QUESTION FOR TWITTER: Is there a setting for receiving only @replies on my phone?

It would be nice to have a setting on Twitter to get only @replies sent as a text message to my phone. Getting tweets from all my friends would be crazy. But getting just the @replies would be really nice.

Twitter’s help page states the following:

Is there a setting for receiving only @replies on my phone?

Nope. But if we get enough feature requests, we may just add it for you. Send us one!

I would love for people to flood Twitter with requests to be able to get only @replies as text messages. Here’s what I recommend putting in the request box on Twitter’s request page at

I would like a setting for receiving only @replies on my phone. I see your help page says it’s not possible, but if you get enough requests, you’ll add it. Here I am requesting it. Please add a setting for receiving only @replies on my phone. Thank you.

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Steve Tanner
14 years ago

You could actually set something like this up exporting the RSS feed on your Twitter account into something like Yahoo Pipes, taking that to generate a new RSS feed that just parses the @Replies, then import that into another account via Twitterfeed that is tied to updates on your phone. It’s a long workaround, but I’ve setup something similar.

Lisa Schryver
Lisa Schryver
14 years ago

If you download the Twittelator app, you can look at only your @replies…

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