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All the Twitter accounts with the letter t repeated

Just for kicks, I typed in to see if anyone has the account. Someone does. Of course. But only three followers. Three! What about all the various letter lengths with the repeated? Is any of them really popular? Here they all are, sorted by longest name to the shortest name. The maximum number of […]

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Paploo, MasterLogray, ewokBJs, WicketTheEwok

The 25 Ewoks on Twitter

25 Ewoks roam the forests of Twitter. They range from the cute and adorable to the heavily ironic and twisted. Which Ewoks should you be following on Twitter? Let’s go through the Ewok village to uncover the best Ewoks on Twitter. The best Ewok on Twitter The best Ewok should have the most followers, right? However, […]

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what is up with all the earthquakes lately? @robkingsbury

Reply to a person’s last tweet from six years ago

Who are the first ten people to follow you on Twitter? How many of those accounts are now inactive? Five of the first ten accounts to follow @spudart haven’t tweeted since 2010. Whoa! Over six years! The dates of their last tweets: @robkingsbury May 19, 2009 @kokuatraffic May 7, 2009 @samuelphilemon January 13, 2009 @worshipkitchen July 19, […]

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