Most-read posts made in 2010

In 2010 I made 179 blog posts on In total those posts got a sum of 76,632 views. The following are the ten posts with the most views. (The number in parenthesis is the number of hits the post got in 2010.)

  1. Atari emulator app for the iPhone (1,557 views)

    People love the Atari. People love the iPhone. Merge them together and you get one monsta combination.

  2. Live blogging the Chicago Blackhawks parade Stanley Cup celebration (1,187 views)

    It was a great day for Chicago as the Blackhawks celebrated their Stanley Cup victory. It was also great for Tribune employees as we had a nice view of the celebration. I have a story to share about this day, but I’ll only do it in person. Ask me about it sometime.

    The higher hit count for this post might be the result of it being a live-comment post. As the event happened I knew several people were refreshing the page to see what’s new.

  3. How to kill a spider with just your eyes (1,160 views)

    Oh the joy this brings that such a silly story is number three. I’m still perplexed how this spider out-witted me, even after I killed the darn thing with my eyeballs.

  4. An iPhone leads 20 people off a stuck Metra train in Chicago (1,156 views)

    What happens when an episode of “Lost” meets the a Metra train.

  5. The secret identity to Kool-Aid Man revealed! He’s actually a pitcher of Sangria (1,067 views)

    People online loooove secrets, especially when it pours out the true identity of the Kool-Aid Man as alcohol. Way to bust into #5, Kool-Ai–I mean, Sangria Man!

  6. Results from people in your social circle (1,060 views)

    Wow, I was really exploding in praise for Google’s social circle results. I suppose that’s the one good thing that came out of Google Buzz. I would have to say my excitement over this feature has lost its buzz. Sorry, googs.

  7. More cars than drivers in the USA (943 views)

    The stats in this post still perplex me. Pulling in at #7 on this list, perhaps it confounds a bunch of others as well.

  8. You can recycle empty sugar packets (929 views)

    Toot Toot! Play that recycle horn! It makes me happy that a recycling post made this list. I would love if more people expanded their consideration for even the smallest of things to recycle.

  9. An eHarmony customer rep told me if I lied, I would get more matches (904 views)

    I’m trying to not harbor vengeance in me by being happy to see this post get lots of hits. But people should know that eHarmony encourages their users to lie on their profiles. I’m guessing the reasoning that it’s “ok” is that supposedly everyone has a degree of lieing on profiles. But I don’t buy that excuse. How can you start off a potential relationship with even a small lie? Uh, honesty, truth, anyone? Oh wow. Ok. Maybe I’m still a little upset with eHarmony.

  10. Chicago Moving Bridges defeats finger tattoos for one day (879 views)

    It’s rather amazing how popular finger tattoos are. My 4th most popular post in 2009 was also about finger tattoos. And now we see ’em appearing again in 2010. Maybe I should make a post about finger tattoos in 2011.

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Tom Saaristo
Tom Saaristo
13 years ago

I recently commented on a post or blog or a story … wherein the writer pointed to your belief that Kool Aid Man is actually Sangria Man! I haven’t compiled my own lists, but blogging fell a tad short in 2010 thanks to the economy (do people REALLY want to see a week’s worth of Manwich and Kraft Mac & Cheese posts?) … but I’ve noticed that footprints have stepped up (haha! “foot”, “step”!) since I moved half-entries to the front page of my website!

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