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The key command to create lightning in your text

The key command to create lightning in your text

Would you like the ability to include some lightning bolts in your txts? Could your tweets use some extra magnificent flash? I would love to have a lightning bolt character. And you know what? Unicode has a lightning bolt! Here it is: That’s no lightning bolt! That’s a confused arrow! What is unicode trying to […]

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What are you most passionate about?

Online personals have some interesting questions, especially eHarmony. They have 13 questions, and I’ve been meaning to share some of my responses, cuz there are some thought-provoking questions. I’ve posted the question What are the THREE things for which you are MOST thankful? Now here’s another one: What are you most passionate about? Here’s my […]

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Review of Chicago's DIY Trunk Show

Review of Chicago’s DIY Trunk Show

Fun crafts! By cool hip people! The DIY Trunk show was held on November 21, 2009 in the Pulaski Park Fieldhouse. It was a nice show with good variety from lots of vendors. The location is in a great old multi-roomed building. Although the Renegade Craft Fair has their December show there, and it’s much […]

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Fun pizza cutting: Bunny rabbit/sunset

How to cut a pizza in a fun way

One of the fun things about frozen pizzas is that you get to slice it in any way you choose. Want pie slices? No prob. Squares are your thing? Totally. But the coolest thing of all is to do wacky cuts. Pictured above is a half of a pizza that I was planning on saving […]

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Thanksgiving day has a new name: “Thank You Day”

This year I’m going to call Thanksgiving to be “Thank You Day.” The term thanksgiving often loses its meaning, because we don’t think about word actually is: Thanks giving. We are to give thanks. One method is to thank other people by simply saying, “thank you.” I realized this in a response I was writing […]

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