Favorite spudart.org post for 2006

I couldn’t pick a favorite post from 2006, so here’s my top 25 with notes:

What’s one of your favorite spudart.org posts from 2006? Here’s the archives.

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Tom Saaristo
17 years ago

Your blog is a goldmine of wonderful thoughts! I think it would be really hard to pick ONE as the best. Definitely the post on your 10,000th comment has to be near the top simply because it’s a milestone for the blog. Yarn Monster Gallery Wallbreakers I have three artworks in the 2006 Highland Park Art Walk. U.S. Cellular Field on Google Maps looks like a Toilet All possible consecutive number combinations on a clock 01:02:03 04/05/06 Is LEGO CEO J rgen Vig a blockhead? The Difference between a million and a billion What happens when you stack every letter of the alphabet Monkey Tea: Tea leaves picked by real monkeys! mmmmmhmmmm Sticky Note Comics/Village Any post involving a bouncy ball Any post with a picture of spudart or spudart “parts” [sorry”> Any post involving Conan O’Brien

17 years ago

this is a great collection and tom added more to choose from. for some reason “The difference between one million and one billion” is sticking in my head. Maybe it’s because i’m 31 years old and my wife is pregnant, so I can easily relate to that stat. Also, it’s such an incredibly simple observation that makes you really think about it because it’s such a unique idea. I guess I’m voting for that one. Though the public stormtrooper post is one of my favorite.

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