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Collage of all 49 Chicago art organizations on Twitter

Chicago art organizations on Twitter

You might follow some of the top Chicago art museums on Twitter, like The @artinstitutechi or @mcachicago. But what about the other visual art organizations? I compiled a Twitter list of 49 visual art organizations in Chicago. Please feel free to subscribe to the list. I check it every day to stay on top of […]

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Evernote blog drafts

How I built up 901 unpublished blog drafts

Ever run out of ideas for what to write about? My cousin Peter was experiencing writers block for his blog. Here’s how to build up a list of ideas to write about. 1. Keep ALL your blog drafts in one place. You might have ideas on scraps of paper. Or in various email drafts. Put […]

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From detention-grade mattresses with welded seams...

Prison construction released to the public

Ben Katchor has such unique views of urban life. Here he draws the parallel of how the durability of prison construction is eventually adopted by the outside world. Tamper-proof toilets and sinks. Detention grade mattresses with welded seams. My favorite part is when a released prisoner recognizes the riot-proof seating in waiting room. In a […]

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Mother Nature Chicago with a snowball

Chicago’s Mother Nature is on Twitter

How do you check the weather? Mobile app? Watch the tv news? How about twitter? I normally ask Siri what the weather will be for the day. While that is the most direct route, it’s not the most fun. To inject some fun into the weather, instead of using Siri for the next month, I’ll […]

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Finished drawing: two hands holding

How would you complete these three drawings?

Help my class assignments to be exhibited in New York. Please like any (or all) of these three drawings. The drawings with the most likes on the Art of the MOOC Facebook Page, will be shown at the¬†Creative Time Summit in New York on November 14-15. Drawing 1: The unfinished drawing features a bunch of […]

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I love asking questions

Asking questions

Asking questions and more questions might help you to brainstorm better. Instead of brainstorming answers, brainexplore questions. Tanner Christenson writes in¬†Focus on brainexploring, not brainstorming, to have ideas: So I recently began experimenting with a new exercise for creative thinking, one that is less likely to lead to biases and much more likely to take […]

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Submission to urbandictionary for: skelbow

New word: skelbow

It’s been a while since I’ve submitted a word definition to Urban Dictionary. I’m digging way back to a word I learned as a child, skelbow. Ten years ago, I was shocked to find out that nobody else has heard of this word. I swear I learned skelow as a child. Even my twin brother […]

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