Year: 2015

From detention-grade mattresses with welded seams...

Prison construction released to the public

Ben Katchor has such unique views of urban life. Here he draws the parallel of how the durability of prison construction is eventually adopted by the outside world. Tamper-proof toilets and sinks. Detention grade mattresses with welded seams. My favorite part is when a released prisoner recognizes the riot-proof seating in waiting room. In a …

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A collection of found art chicago images

Found art is way more interesting than street art

Every week I check a bookmarked Flickr search for street art Chicago. Even though I try to make the search exclude graffiti, I still end up with mostly graffiti images. Every now and then there might be something remotely interesting in the results. Then today I figured why not change the search term from “street …

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I love asking questions

Asking questions

Asking questions and more questions might help you to brainstorm better. Instead of brainstorming answers, brainexplore questions. Tanner Christenson writes in Focus on brainexploring, not brainstorming, to have ideas: So I recently began experimenting with a new exercise for creative thinking, one that is less likely to lead to biases and much more likely to take …

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Origami made from reciepts

What if everyone always made an origami creature out of every receipt?

What if our culture made it a tradition that you always took your paper receipt and folded it into an origami? Forget that it would be pointless. Forget the time involved to do with with every transaction. This would simply be something that our culture would say that you do. And everyone does it. Imagine …

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Submission to urbandictionary for: skelbow

New word: skelbow

It’s been a while since I’ve submitted a word definition to Urban Dictionary. I’m digging way back to a word I learned as a child, skelbow. Ten years ago, I was shocked to find out that nobody else has heard of this word. I swear I learned skelow as a child. Even my twin brother …

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search results for a new hope

Searching for a new hope

Searching for “a new hope” on flickr yields an interesting contrast of flowers and Star Wars photos.

traffic stats for from 2008 to 2015

A new coming soon!

In the coming weeks, a redesigned will be launched. All 25,000 comments will be back on the site–including all the comments from Facebook. I’m also hoping that all the blog posts will be categorized and tagged. Although that feature might come later. From 2008-2011, was regularly pulling in 70,000 visitors a month. But …

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